2020 Cincy Fringe

Cincinnati, OH, United States
1120 Jackson
Cincinnati, OH 45202
United States
Cincy Fringe
12:00 am

ONLINE! Stream "Love and Other Lures" as a part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

From May 29 to June 13, stream “Love and Other Lures” as a part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.  Embracing musical styles from southern rock to Tin Pan Alley, Dr. Dour and Peach take you on an oddball odyssey of ill-fated love stories. Why ill-fated? Because they’re about vampires, sirens, and giant alligators. Just whatever you do, don’t go outside.

Guest appearances by Moon Man, some Trolls, home-brewed creepy child singing, and special guest Matthew Pauli as The Little Man who Lives in the Wall.