The accomplished ethno-crypto-zoo-musicologist, Dr. Dour has traveled far and wide studying the monsters of this world. He learned their hair-raising melodies. He stared into the abyss without blinking.  He feared nothing.

Then he met Peach.  Peach helps!  

They now travel together as a performing duo, one stern as death, and the other a youthful fruitcake. Audiences call them a “horror comedy musical clown duo.” Dr. Dour says there is nothing funny about his life’s work.

They come before you in concert to deliver the central message: “Monsters are dangerous.” Dr. Dour has many factual accounts to prove it, which he has put to song so even the children will listen up. Peach, his irrepressible assistant, thinks monsters are actually kind of fun. When they’re not getting in each others’ way, they make beautiful music.

Performance venues include music halls, fringe theatre festivals, burlesque and variety shows, and anywhere creatures and artists meet.

Peach looks forward to meeting you at the next possible opportunity.


Toby Mulford and Rachel Spicknall Mulford keep the books, tune the guitars, and order the sandwiches.  They are based in Washington, DC, where the monster-watching is good.