“sinister and winsome at the same time.” – Washington Post

“whimsical, clever songwriting that can engage audience members of any age.” – Washington City Paper

“I would buy a ticket to watch [them] eat their cereal in the morning.” – Dc Theatre Scene

“delightfully quirky and surprisingly physical.” – DC Metro Theatre Arts

A playfully macabre cabaret about zombies, nightmares and things that go bump in the night

Dr. Dour (vocals, 10-string touch-guitar) and Peach (cello, banjo, cute) tell the personal stories of lovesick mummies, giant lizards, bargain-hunting zombies, and other hapless creatures of the night in a cabaret cocktail of original songs.

An accomplished ethnocryptozoomusicologist, Dr. Dour has collected countless stories from monsters all over the world, and is slowly turning his vast store of stories into songs.  Somewhere along the way, he acquired Peach, who now travels with him, acting as tour manager, accompanist, companion and all-around helper to the doctor.  Why does she travel with him?  Does he appreciate it?  The world may never know, but it makes for diverting entertainment.

The pair is based in Washington, DC (there’s good monster-watching there), and has appeared at the Capital Fringe Festival, the Clown Cabaret, and other venues.